About Us

Centurion Junior Squash is a coaching group where all players from pre-school to Gr. 12 can join with the primary goal to learn the game of squash.

Our coaching sessions take place on a weekly basis at Uitsig Squash Courts in Panorama Road, Rooihuiskraal, as well as at Midstream College in Pretoria, South Africa.

Currently there are representatives from 23+ Centurion schools involved in the groups and thus the reason for the name “Centurion Junior Squash” so that all schools in the area can be included.

Our main goal for this coaching group is to provide an environment where players can have fun, make friends, relieve stress caused by pressing school commitments. Players must learn something new about themselves, about squash, and about sportsmanship!

Squash is a wonderful family sport that can be participated in all year round. Therefore we encourage players to drag Mom and Dad to the courts, especially on the “Social Saturdays”.

We strive to empower each junior with the basic facets of the game, racquet work, hand eye coordination, fitness, as well as the rules of the game. Even though winning is important in any sport and we also strive towards it, it is more important to us that each child that enrolls in Centurion Junior Squash grows within themselves. Some children just don’t adapt well to popular team sports such as netball and rugby, but when they become involved in squash it is as if they arrive home. Suddenly they belong to something and it is more often than not these children who show a large amount of personal growth in a short period of time.

As coaching team there are a few things that we agree upon and implement during our daily interaction with the players.

  1. We acknowledge God as our Supreme Authority and strive to glorify Him through our daily interaction with players and parents.
  2. We do not believe that a player needs to be broken down before they can be built up again.
  3. Each player’s best effort is enough for us and we give credit where it is due.
  4. No player will be embarrassed or harassed by a coach or player on court.
  5. Talented players who prove themselves will be given the opportunity to join the CJS Elite group in order to receive maximum exposure.
  6. No school will be played up against another. At CJS we are all one and each school is just as important as the other.
  7. Each afternoon’s coaching is based on a lesson plan and no class will have to wait for the coach to arrive.
  8. Neatness is an indication of discipline in a group and therefore we as the management team of CJS believe it is important that players respect and adhere to the correct dress code at all times.
  9. During tournaments we expect parents of players to support but not have unrealistic expectations. That which coaches work on for months could be broken down by one comment that hasn’t been thought through by an overprotective parent.
  10. At CJS players are invited and encouraged to give suggestions and share ideas with the coaching team because we know that it is important that each player feels part of the team.

We dream of Success, we strive to succeed, we train to be the best!

One step at a time!