Enter the CJS Primary Schools Squash League Tournament

The NJSA Primary School Squash League is scheduled for Monday 17 October to Friday, 21 October 2022, and will be played in the afternoons at various squash courts in Pretoria / Centurion.  Any primary school may enter and this league is to determine the best primary school teams!

We will be hosting a tournament for the primary schools involved with CJS to help determine the number of teams each school will enter, as well as the playing order of the players.

The CJS Primary School Squash League Tournament is scheduled for the weekend of 19 to 21 August 2022.  To enter, please click on the link below to complete the ENTRY FORM.  The cost for the tournament is R200 per player.

The closing date for entries is Tuesday, 16 August 2022, 12h00.

Questions and Answers

Q&A: CJS Primary School Squash League Tournament – 19 to 21 August 2022

1. What is the purpose of the CJS Primary School Squash League Tournament?

In order to select the teams that will participate in the annual NJSA Primary School League, we need all the primary schools involved with CJS to play in a tournament to determine the playing order and the number of teams each school will enter.

2. Who may enter?

Primary School players who have the confidence to play may enter. We will help the total beginners, but it may be good if they do have the ability to serve at least a 4 out of 10 and can keep a rally going for at least 2 to 3 shots. Parents are welcome to contact the coaches to confirm the player’s ability on the court.

3. Must my child enter in a specific age group for this tournament?

No, players do not enter in a specific age group. Coaches will take the NJSA ladder and CJS ladder into account and add players according to strength in groups to play against each other.

4. Is it only provincial top players that may enter and will compete?

No. The tournament is open for any player, from beginner to provincial. Obviously, we will not let beginner players compete against provincial players unless beginner players do have the talent to compete against stronger players.

5. What must they wear during the CJS Primary Schools League tournament?

As this is a school tournament we prefer all players to wear their school sports clothes. Protective eyewear and correct shoes that will not leave marks on the wooden floors.

6. Which venue(s) will be used?

Three venues have been booked but we will only know once we received all entries which venues will be used.

7. What if there are not enough players from one school to participate? Will my child then not have the chance to participate?

We want to give all players the opportunity to participate in the annual Primary Schools Squash League. Therefore we will combine players in a CJS Invitation team/s that will participate in a section that will suit the strength of the majority of the team. During the CJS Primary Schools League Tournament, those players will play against each other in order to determine the playing order of the team.

8. What if my child does not have a good weekend during the CJS playoff tournament? Will the results be the final position of teams?

We will give players in the weeks following the CJS Primary School League Tournament the opportunity to challenge 1 or 2 positions above their own position. This will allow a player to end up in the best possible position for the school’s team. There are challenge rules and we’ll send out the rules after the tournament.

9. What if my child cannot participate in the CJS Primary School’s League tournament weekend 19 – 21 Aug due to illness or a legit reason that was communicated to the organizers well in advance?

Although we would prefer for players to participate in the upcoming tournament to get the feel of a school’s tournament and to compete in a specific section we do understand sometimes unforeseen circumstances will avoid participation. We will allow one free challenge for a player that did not participate in the tournament. If the player wins that challenge match everybody will have to move down one position. If the player loses the match he/she will have to challenge the bottom player of the section he challenged in the first match.

10. Will the girls and boys be in separate teams?

Normally we do have boys and girls in separate teams to compete against teams of other schools. Sometimes it might happen that we combine boys and girls in the CJS Invitation team if we do not have enough players.

11. Why do I need to pay for this tournament?

Although it is a tournament to determine a school team we still need to cover certain costs. Squash is not a cheap sport and with every tournament, there are costs involved that the schools, unfortunately, cannot cover.

Q&A: NJSA Primary School Squash League – 17 to 21 October 2022

1. When is the NJSA Primary Schools League happening?

The annual NJSA Primary Schools Squash League will take place in the 4th term the week post our CJS Club champs. That will be week 17 – 21 October 2022, in the afternoons.

2. Who chooses the teams for the league?

The results of the CJS Primary Schools League tournament (19-21 Aug) will be the teams. Players determine their own position in the teams. The coaches or teachers do not choose teams.

3. Will the school organise transport and teachers to accompany the players during the NJSA League?

Some of our schools like Midstream Schools do organise teachers and transport. The school’s involvement will only be confirmed closer to the date. Otherwise, parents and coaches form groups to transport players and provide support at the courts.

4. What will they wear during the league?

Very important -only school sports clothes. Sometimes schools do organise a special shirt for the First teams.

5. What will the times be of the matches and will they only play 1 match per day?

Normally players leave school a little earlier depending on the venue. The first fixture will start at 14h30 and when the team finished their games against the opponent, the second fixture of the day will start.

6. Which venues will be used?

It will be determined and confirmed once all the entries have been received.

7. How do the points work?

The Primary School League is a team event and not an individual competition. The matches of the players as a team will be added up and the team with the most matches won will be the winning team and will receive bonus points. If the results end in a draw like 2-2 then the games of the team will be added up and the team with the most games will get the bonus point. If the result ends up in a draw in matches and games then the points will be counted to determine the winning team. Therefore we always say to the players every point counts. A player can lose the match but in the end, his points might just win the fixture. It teaches the players about teamwork and to fight until the last point.

8. Normally a team consists of 4 players but some teams do have 5 players. Please explain.

In schools where there are many players that want to participate in the Primary Schools League we sometimes add 5 players and then the no 4 and 5 player will each play a match every day. In schools where there are only a few players, we prefer to keep 4 players in a team. We also prefer the A team to be the strongest possible team and to keep 4 players on the A-side. If a player fell ill or gets injured everybody moves up one position.

9. If a school team won one of the sections of the school league what will they receive?

The school that won the A, B , C, D leagues will each receive certificates and a trophy. This will be handed to them during the NJSA Prizegiving as well as the CJS Prestige Prizegiving.

10. If my child is not good enough for the first team will my child not participate in the league in Oct?

We always try to accommodate as many players as possible in the annual Primary Schools Squash League. Normally there are 3-4 sections depending on the number of schools entered.

A league mostly for Top & Provincial players (A Teams ),
B league for players who did not make the A teams but still can play and compete in a match (B Teams),
C league for players who did not make the B Teams but still can play and compete in a match ( C Teams),
D league – if enough teams do enter, this will be our beginner league. A good section to give all players exposure to represent their school in squash.