The CJS Club Champs for 2022

The CJS Club Champs for Grade 4 to Grade 12 players was a huge success this past weekend!  We are very proud of each and every player who participated!

The highlights for us as coaches were the sportsmanship of our players and seeing the friendship between the players!  And I trust you will agree with me, the squash was amazing to watch, at every level!

Click here to download the final results.

Congratulations to the Top Sections winners!  They are:

Girls High School

1st Place: Chanté Leppan

2nd Place: Elzandri Janse van Rensburg

3rd Place: Namratha Niranjan

Girls Primary School – Grade 6 & 7

1st Place: Anushka Janse van Rensburg

2nd Place: Starla Phillips

3rd Place: Sarah de Villiers

Girls Primary School

1st Place: Chanel Leppan

2nd Place: Nickezel Grobler

3rd Place: Lize de Bruin

Boys High School

1s Place: Judah Phillips

2nd Place: Jonathan Oliver

3rd Place: Frederik Botha

Boys High School (Group 2)

1s Place: Wynand van den Heever

2nd Place: Dian Meades

3rd Place: Andrew Conley

Boys Grade 6 & 7 

1st Place: Dewan Borstlap

2nd Place: Logan Kidson

3rd Place: Martin de Koning

Boys Grade 6 & 7 (Group 2)

1st Place: Innes Meyer

2nd Place: Michael Basson

3rd Place: Henry du Preez

Boys Grade 6 & 7 (Group 3)

1st Place: Jesse Hurrie

2nd Place: Eluanco Grobler

3rd Place: Nicolaas Ras

Boys Grade 4 & 5

1s Place: Roland van der Westhuizen

2nd Place: Tiaan Goosen

3rd Place: Jonathan van Deventer

Boys Grade 4 & 5 (Group 2)

1s Place: Louis van Niekerk

2nd Place: James du Preez

3rd Place: André Coetzee