CJS Prestige Awards 2022

CJS had a wonderful special event on Saturday evening 19 Nov where all the CJS Country Festival players, Provincial Players, A league winners, Top Schools Regional Winners, Club Champs winners, and winners of CJS Floating trophies received recognition during the CJS Prestige Awards 2022.
I want to thank Heleen-Maré Brand for her remarkable touch with the decorations for the evening! Also a huge thanks to Irene Country Club for the superb food and well-trained waiters during our special evening.  Congratulations to our MC Adele Du Rand who did an excellent job with Lynette Leppan and Charl Marais at the sound table!
More pictures below.
And the awards went to:

CJS Top Achievers

  • Best Performance of the Year: Juan-Corné Brand
  • Most Dedicated Senior Player of the Year: Elzandri Janse van Rensburg
  • Most Dedicated Junior Player of the Year: Starla Phillips

Floating Trophies – High School

  • Most Enthusiastic Player: Hugo Pelser
  • Good Sportsmanship: Frederik Botha
  • Notable Improvement Girl: Namratha Eswari Niranjan
  • Notable Improvement Boy: Jonathan Oliver
  • Most Promising Player Girl: Jordin Phillips
  • Most Promising Player Boy: Juan-Corné Brand

Floating Trophies – Grade 6 & 7

  • Newcomer With Potential: Johan Swiegers
  • Most Enthusiastic Player: Ebert Goosen
  • Good Sportsmanship: Jason and Justin Naude
  • Best Schools League Captain: Martin de Koning
  • Notable Improvement Girl: Amelia Lubbe
  • Notable Improvement Boy: Hayden Davy
  • Best Improvement Girl: Sarah de Villiers
  • Best Improvement Boy: Logan Kidson

Floating Trophies – Grade 4 & 5

  • Newcomer With Potential: Ilse Lubbe
  • Most Enthusiastic Player: Lodewyk de Clercq
  • Good Sportsmanship: Tyron Naidoo
  • Best Schools League Captain: Martin de Koning
  • Notable Improvement Girl: Lize de Bruin
  • Notable Improvement Boy: Christiaan Rautenbach
  • Best Improvement Girl: Mia Bakkes
  • Best Improvement Boy: Tiaan Goosen

Floating Trophies – Preschool to Grade 3

  • Notable Improvement Marking: Ruben Lombard
  • Most Enthusiastic Player: Hercules Froneman
  • Notable Improvement Girl: Ilse de Clercq
  • Notable Improvement Boy: Luan du Plessis
  • Best Improvement Girl: Alyssa Syce
  • Best Improvement Boy: Jayden Louw

CJS Club Champs

  • Club Champ Preschool to Grade 3 Boy: Daniël de Bruin
  • Club Champ Preschool to Grade Girl: Lois Roberts
  • Club Champ Grade 4 to Grade 5 Boy: Roland van der Westhuizen
  • Club Champ Grade 4 to Grade 5 Girl: Chanel Leppan
  • Club Champ Grade 6 to Grade 7 Boy: Déwan Bortslap
  • Club Champ Grade 6 to Grade 7 Girl: Anushka Janse van Rensburg
  • Club Champ Girl: Chanté Leppan
  • Club Champ Boy: Judah Phillips

SA Schools Top 10

  • Top 10 U/16 Boys: Juan-Corné Brand & Frederik Botha
  • Top 10 U/16 Girls: Elzandri Janse van Rensburg & Chante Leppan
  • Top 10 U/14 Boys: Aurick Sheosunker, Gerhard van der Westhuizen & Wian de Bruin
  • Top 10 U/14 Girls: Kaitlyn van Wyk & Teonie Badenhorst

Fitness Awards

  • High School Boy: CA Froneman
  • High School Girl: Chanté Leppan
  • Primary School Boy: Benjamin Oliver
  • Primary School Girl: Sarah de Villiers
  • Preschool to Grade 3: George Olwagen

CJS Provincial Players

U11 Angela Difford Festival:

  • Lize de Bruin
  • Chanel Leppan
  • Mia Bakkes
  • Roland van der Westhuizen
  • Tiaan Goozen
  • Tyron Naidoo
  • Daniel de Bruin
  • Jonathan van Deventer
  • Christiaan Rautenbach
  • Lodewyk de Clercq
  • James du Preez

U13 Girls A Team:

  • Anushka Janse van Rensburg
  • Starla Phillips
  • Sarah de Villiers
  • Amela Lubbe
  • Kathleen de Kock

U13 Boys A Team:

  • Dewan Borstlap
  • Johannes Badenhorst
  • Logan Kidson

U13 Boys B Team:

  • Mangaliso Mbatha
  • Ebert Goosen
  • Benjamin Oliver

U13 Boys C Team:

  • Evan Janse van Rensburg
  • Hayden Davy
  • Jason Naude
  • Stefan Verster

U14 Girls Team:

  • • Teonie Badenhorst
    • Kaitlyn van Wyk

U14 Boys A Team:

  • Gerhard van der Westhuizen
  • Wian de Bruin
  • Aurick Sheosunker
  • Wynand van den Heever

U16 Girls A Team:

  • Elzandri Janse van Rensburg
  • Chante Leppan
  • Namratha Niranjan

U16 Girls B Team:

  • Jeanine du Rand
  • Mieke Kotze
  • Cassey Kemp

U16 Girls Invitational Team:

  • Xelynn Carney

U16 Boys A Team:

  • Judah Phillips
  • Juan-Corne Brand
  • Frederik Botha
  • CA Froneman

U19 Girls A Team:

  • Jordin Phillips

U19 Girls B Team:

  • Kayla Randall

U19 Boys A Team:

  • Johan Coetsee

U19 Boys B Team:

  • Jonathan Oliver

Margery Taylor SA Country Schools Festival

U/13 Girls:

  • Amelia Lubbe
  • Kathleen de Kock

U/13 Boys:

  • Thomas Oliver
  • Hayden Davy
  • Stefan Verster
  • Justin Naude
  • Rudolph Botha
  • Jason Naude
  • Henry du Preez

U/14 Boys

  • Benjamin Oliver
  • Jayden Swart

U/16 Girls

  • Xelynn Carney
  • Cassey Kemp

U/16 Boys

  • Dean Meades

U/19 Girls

  • Kayla Randall

U/19 Boys

  • Cameron Fourie
  • Wiehan Viljoen

NJSA League Winners

Primary Schools League Winners: Laerskool Rooihuiskraal Boys A Team

  • Ebert Goosen
  • Jason Naude
  • Justin Naude
  • Tiaan Goosen
  • Johannes Badenhorst

Primary Schools League Winners: Midstream Ridge Girls A Team

  • Anushka Janse van Rensburg
  • Sarah de Villiers
  • Mia Bakkes
  • Jenna Rudman

High School League Winners: Midstream College Girls A Team

  • Anja van der Merwe
  • Elzandri Janse van Rensburg
  • Cassey Kemp

SA Top Schools

Regional Winners, and 2nd Place in SA Top Schools: Midstream College Girls A Team

  • Anja van der Merwe
  • Cassey Kemp
  • Elzandri Janse van Rensburg
  • Namratha Eswari Niranjan