2023 Dunlop CJS Open Junior Squash Tournament

Tournament Results

The 2023 Dunlop CJS Junior Open Squash Tournament was held from 28 to 30 July 2023 in Centurion in celebration of CJS’ 20-year anniversary.  With 150 players who entered, a total of 301 games were played over 3 venues.

Here are the results of the tournament:

Uitsig Group 1 (Boys)

  • 1st Place: Judah Phillips
  • 2nd Place: CA Froneman
  • 3rd Place: Jonathan Oliver
  • 4th Place: Juan-Corné Brand
  • 5th Place: Aurick Sheosunker
  • 6th Place: HJ Coetzer
  • 7th Place: Wian de Bruin
  • 8th Place: Joseph Myers

Uitsig Group 2 (Girls)

  • 1st Place: Chante Leppan
  • 2nd Place: Elzandri Janse van Rensburg
  • 3rd Place: Melissa Kapp
  • 4th Place: Kakanyo Ntshebe
  • 5th Place: Anushka Janse van Rensburg
  • 6th Place: Starla Phillips
  • 7th Place: Jeanine du Rand
  • 8th Place: Luze Niemand
  • 9th Place: Namratha Niranjan
  • 10th Place: Mieke Kotze
  • 11th Place: Kayla Randall

Uitsig Group 3 (Girls)

  • 1st Place: Elizane Barnard
  • 2nd Place: Tiisetso Motshubi
  • 3rd Place: Amelia Lubbe
  • 4th Place: Leandri Walkinshaw
  • 5th Place: Kaleigh Reddy
  • 6th Place: Leila Retief
  • 7th Place: Nickezel Grobler
  • 8th Place: Abigail Dean
  • 9th Place: Anje Maritz
  • 10th Place: Chardeone Schreuder

Uitsig Group 4 (Boys)

  • 1st Place: Dewan Borstlap
  • 2nd Place: Logan Kidson
  • 3rd Place: Martin de Koning
  • 4th Place: Hugo Pelser
  • 5th Place: Wynand van den Heever
  • 6th Place: Ebert Goosen
  • 7th Place: Conrad Ehlers
  • 8th Place: Ude Van Veenhuyzen
  • 9th Place: Hayden Davy
  • 10th Place: Nathaniel van Deventer
  • 11th Place: Lukas Combrinck
  • 12th Place: Keagan Twyman
  • 13th Place: Adriaan Roux
  • 14th Place: Edrique Laubscher
  • 15th Place: Stefan Verster
  • 16th Place: Dian Meades

Uitsig Group 5 (Girls)

  • 1st Place: Chanel Leppan
  • 2nd Place: Alyssa Arcangeli
  • 3rd Place: Nhlalala Masingi
  • 4th Place: Nhlamulo Masingi
  • 5th Place: Mia Bakkes
  • 6th Place: Lize de Bruin
  • 7th Place: Fezlyn Segokgo
  • 8th Place: Ilze Lubbe
  • 9th Place: Sine Dlamini
  • 10th Place: Nahla Andreas
  • 11th Place: Thandie Sithole

Irene Group 1 (Girls)

  • 1st Place: Hannah-Ray Kritzinger
  • 2nd Place: Rachel de Beer
  • 3rd Place: Amantle Tlhapane
  • 4th Place: Klara Kotze
  • 5th Place: Tiana Nel
  • 6th Place: Lene Lombard
  • 7th Place: Danika Duarte
  • 8th Place: Jessica Lunn

Irene Group 2 (Boys)

  • 1st Place: Jayden Louw
  • 2nd Place: Duvan du Toit
  • 3rd Place: Alexander Stark
  • 4th Place: Etienne Le Roux
  • 5th Place: George Olwagen
  • 6th Place: Joshua Raffanti
  • 7th Place: Ruben Lombard
  • 8th Place: Jaco van Niekerk

Irene Group 3 (Boys)

  • 1st Place: Johannes Badenhorst
  • 2nd Place: Onosi Moakofi
  • 3rd Place: George Wiehahn
  • 4th Place: Thomas Oliver
  • 5th Place: Evan Janse van Rensburg
  • 6th Place: Jason Naude
  • 7th Place: Tiaan Goosen
  • 8th Place: Phethahatso Motsoeneng
  • 9th Place: Justin Naude
  • 10th Place: Benjamin Oliver

Irene Group 4 (Boys)

  • 1st Place: Vaughn Rowlands
  • 2nd Place: Aiden van den Berg
  • 3rd Place: Arno van der Walt
  • 4th Place: Christiaan Franken
  • 5th Place: Mohale Malatji
  • 6th Place: Sinjon Rowlands
  • 7th Place: Meinhardt Strydom
  • 8th Place: Andrew Botha
  • 9th Place: Robert Kritzinger
  • 10th Place: Christopher Barnard
  • 11th Place: Hano Rossouw

Ridge Group 1 (Boys)

  • 1st Place: Jonathan van Deventer
  • 2nd Place: Michael Basson
  • 3rd Place: Innes Meyer
  • 4th Place: Xander Erlank
  • 5th Place: Christiaan Rautenbach
  • 6th Place: Lodewyk de Clercq
  • 7th Place: Stephan du Toit
  • 8th Place: Andre Coetzee
  • 9th Place: Tyron Naidoo
  • 10th Place: Louis van Niekerk
  • 11th Place: Jéan Coetzee
  • 12th Place: Daniël de Bruin

Ridge Group 2 (Boys)

  • 1st Place: Nicolas Cilliers
  • 2nd Place: Ulrich Strydom
  • 3rd Place: Eluanco Grobler
  • 4th Place: Eduan Lotter
  • 5th Place: Franco van der Walt
  • 6th Place: Jesse Hurrie
  • 7th Place: Magnus Erlank
  • 8th Place: Reuben Le Roux
  • 9th Place: Tiaan Kleyn
  • 10th Place: Keanu Haasbroek
  • 11th Place: Lethabo Lamola
  • 12th Place: Hercules Froneman

Ridge Group 3 (Boys)

  • 1st Place: Rocco de Villiers
  • 2nd Place: Divan Vellema
  • 3rd Place: Victor Meyer
  • 4th Place: Luan du Plessis
  • 5th Place: Emile Meyer
  • 6th Place: Joubert Nel
  • 7th Place: Declan Smith
  • 8th Place: Conrad Pretorius
  • 9th Place: Xander Smit
  • 10th Place: Ethan Smith
  • 11th Place: Noah Senatla

Ridge Group 4 (Boys)

  • 1st Place: Gert Oosthuizen
  • 2nd Place: Andrew Oosthuizen
  • 3rd Place: Charles Malatji
  • 4th Place: Pheello Rampai
  • 5th Place: Melo Baloyi
  • 6th Place: Oliver Carey
  • 7th Place: Wenzi Moalusi
  • 8th Place: Ashton Krige
  • 9th Place: Kyle van Lelyveld
  • 10th Place: Ayohlula Maqabuka
  • 11th Place: Thomas Lunn

Ridge Group 5 (Girls)

  • 1st Place: Lois Roberts
  • 2nd Place: Alyssa Syce
  • 3rd Place: Lexi Cilliers
  • 4th Place: Lile Moalusi
  • 5th Place: Gianna van Eck
  • 6th Place: Diketso Tlhapane
  • 7th Place: Ilse de Clercq
  • 8th Place: Itumeleng Makwala