Hoërskool Waterkloof squash players’ first tournament experience

Students from Hoërskool Waterkloof participated in their first squash tournament to determine an initial ladder for their squash players.

The squash players from Hoërskool Waterkloof jumped into their first tournament last weekend. What’s the big deal? Well, they were figuring out the official rankings for the school’s squash ladder. Talk about exciting, right?

The coaches from Centurion Junior Squash were right there in the mix, and even though some games didn’t go as planned and everyone was a bit worn out, those smiles were unstoppable!

Major shoutout to Klofies! Can you believe 35 players rocked their first-ever tournament? That’s a sign of awesome things to come!

And let’s give a round of applause to the dynamic brother-sister duo, Micheyla Loretz and Johann Loretz. They totally owned it, finishing in first place for the girls’ and boys’ categories. But you know what? Kudos to everyone who took part – you all made this happen!