CJS Little Red League 2023

Tournament Results

Winner Girls: Ilse de Clercq

Winner Boys Group 1: Jaco van Niekerk

Winner Boys Group 2: Thesner de Beer

Winner Boys Group 3: Arhaan Mohabir

This past weekend we had the privilege to spend some time with our Little Red League champs at Midstream Ridge courts!  This is our tournament for the Pre-school to Grade 3 players.
The idea for the Little Red League tournament is to give our very young players the exposure of what a tournament feels like.  CJS coaches were on court with our very young and new players to guide, help, and encourage the players.
What an amazing experience to see these young talents on the court!   We had four groups: All the girls were in Group 1, while the boys were grouped according to playing strength into Groups 2 to 4.
Congratulations to each and every player who participated!  We are proud of you and very excited for your squash future… Squash champs in training!

Group 1 – Girls

  • Winner: Ilse de Clercq
  • 2nd Place: Elke Erlank
  • 3rd Place: Chloé Dinkelmann
  • 4th Place: Layla Khan

Group 2 – Boys

  • Winner: Jaco van Niekerk
  • 2nd Place: Gert Oosthuizen
  • 3rd Place: Xander Smit
  • 4th Place: Emile Meyer
  • 5th Place: Andrew Oosthuizen
  • 6th Place: Joshua Dry

Group 3 – Boys

  • Winner: Thesner de Beer
  • 2nd Place: Ruben de Koning
  • 3rd Place: Ruach van der Merwe
  • 4th Place: Matthew Basson
  • 5th Place: Johann Grobberlaar

Group 4 – Boys

  • Winner: Arhaan Mohabir
  • 2nd Place: Nathan Peyper
  • 3rd Place: Martin Bakkes
  • 4th Place: Marius van Wyk
  • 5th Place: Markus Nieuwoudt
  • 6th Place: Simon Schlemmer