CJS celebrates World Squash Day 2023

World Squash Day 2023 was on Saturday, 14 October 2023, and CJS celebrated it together with the annual CJS Closed Club Champs!

So, what’s the deal with World Squash Day?

It happens every year on the second Saturday of October, bringing squash lovers from all corners of the globe together to promote and revel in the joy of the game.

Now, if you’re not entirely familiar with squash, let me give you a quick rundown. Squash is that intense sport where two players (singles) or four players (doubles) go head-to-head in a four-walled court. The objective? To whack the ball against the front wall, above the tin (the bottom boundary), and below the outline (the top boundary) in a way that leaves your opponent scrambling. It’s like a high-speed chess match with a serious workout thrown in.

World Squash Day is all about showing the world why we love this sport. Clubs, organizations, and die-hard squash fans worldwide come together to organize a smorgasbord of activities. You can expect open houses, thrilling exhibition matches, coaching sessions, epic tournaments, and good ol’ social gatherings.

The best part? World Squash Day is not just for the pros. It’s for everyone. Whether you’re a newbie who’s never held a squash racket or a seasoned player with a wicked backhand, this day is a fantastic opportunity to get involved. It’s all about having fun, improving your skills, and being part of the squash community.

A huge appreciation to all our junior players, parents and coaches who made this day special!