NJSA Primary Schools League 2023

League Results

The primary schools of Pretoria and Centurion recently engaged in an epic battle on the squash courts, determined to unveil the champions of each league. Over the course of a thrilling week, from the 16th to the 19th of October 2023, teams from various schools clashed in a quest for glory.

Picture this – the squash courts came alive every afternoon, as the spirited young players from different schools showcased their skills. It was a week when these talented youngsters gave their all to prove they were the best. We saw games of intense competition, nail-biting matches, and incredible sportsmanship on and off the court!

Well done to every player who participated.  Congratulations to the winning teams in each league!

Girls Section results to follow.

Boys A-Section

  • First Place: Midstream Ridge Primary A1
  • Second Place: Laerskool Rooihuiskraal
  • Third Place: Midstream College Primary A1
  • Fourth Place: Laerskool Hennopspark

Boys B-Section

  • First Place: Midstream Ridge Primary B1
  • Second Place: Midstream College Primary B1
  • Third Place: Midstream Ridge Primary B2
  • Fourth Place: Laerskool Wierda Park
  • Fifth Place: Midstream College Primary B2

Boys C-Section

  • First Place: Tuks Invitational
  • Second Place: Laerskool Contstantia Park
  • Third Place: Midstream Ridge Primary C1
  • Fourth Place: Midstream College Primary C1
  • Fifth Place: Midstream Ridge Primary C2
  • Sixth Place: CJS Invitational A
  • Seventh Place: Laerskool Hennopspark

Boys Beginner Section

  • First Place: Midstream Ridge Rookie 1
  • Second Place: Midstream Primary College D1
  • Third Place: Midstream Ridge Rookie 2
  • Fourth Place: CJS Invitational B
  • Fifth Place: Midstream Ridge Rookie 3

Girls A-Section

  • First Place: St Mary’s DSG A
  • Second Place: Midstream Ridge Primary A

Girls B-Section

  • First Place: St Mary’s DSG B
  • Second Place: Midstream Primary College A
  • Third Place: St Mary’s DSG C
  • Fourth Place: Midstream Ridge B

Girls Beginners

  • First Place: St Mary’s DSG D
  • Second Place: St Mary’s DSG E

The Teams

Girls – Midstream Ridge Primary A

  1. Mia Bakkes
  2. Gabrielle Groenewald
  3. Lené Lombard
  4. Tiana Nel

Girls – Midstream Ridge Primary B

  1. Alyssa Syce
  2. Elmiah van der Merwe
  3. Megan Killian
  4. Ilse de Clercq

Girls – Midstream Primary College A

  1. Lize de Bruin
  2. Lois Roberts
  3. Karli Lamprecht
  4. Clarice de Koning
  5. Isabella de Barros

CJS Invitational A (C-Section)

  1. Nicolaas Ras
  2. Divan Vellema
  3. Hoovasen Naicker
  4. Ilze Lubbe

CJS Invitational B (D-Section)

  1. Declan Smith
  2. Xander Smit
  3. Yannick Hagile
  4. Ethan Smith
  5. Thesner de Beer

Laerskool Constantia Park (C-Section)

  1. Mynhardt Ackerman
  2. Xander Gouws
  3. Luka-Marx Pienaar
  4. Gianna van Eck

Laerskool Hennopspark (A-Section)

  1. Dewan Borstlap
  2. Benjamin Oliver
  3. Tiaan Goosen
  4. Thomas Oliver
  5. Janik Steinman

Laerskool Hennopspark (C-Section)

  1. Johannes Hanekom
  2. Keanu Haasbroek
  3. Tiaan Kleyn
  4. Jannie Haak

Laerskool Rooihuiskraal (A-Section)

  1. Johannes Badenhorst
  2. Jason Naudé
  3. Tiaan Goosen
  4. Justin Naudé
  5. Chanel Leppan

Laerskool Wierda Park (B-Section)

  1. RJ Walkinshaw
  2. Andreas Strydom
  3. Ulrich Strydom
  4. Ethan White

Midstream Primary College (A-Section)

  1. Roland van der Westhuizen
  2. George Wiehahn
  3. Tyron Naidoo
  4. Jean Coetzee
  5. Alexander Stark

Midstream Ridge Primary (A-Section)

  1. Mangaliso Mbatha
  2. Evan Janse van Rensburg
  3. Jonathan van Deventer
  4. Innes Meyer
  5. Michael Basson

Midstream Primary College B1 (B-Section)

  1. Xander Erlank
  2. Daniël de Bruin
  3. Andre Coetzee
  4. George Olwagen
  5. Jesse Hurrie

Midstream Primary College B2 (B-Section)

  1. Magnus Erlank
  2. Jonah Kind
  3. Jesse Swart
  4. Oliver Moss
  5. Leonardo de Barros

Midstream Primary College D1 (D-Section)

  1. Luan du Plessis
  2. Suriyan Pillay
  3. Ruben de Koning
  4. Khuvora Motsepe
  5. Pheello Rampai

Midstream Primary College C1 (C-Section)

  1. Luke Swanepoel
  2. Aaryan Sookdeo
  3. Jason Wakeford
  4. Ethan Davis
  5. William Ings

Midstream Ridge Primary B1 (B-Section)

  1. Christiaan Rautenbach
  2. Lodewyk de Clercq
  3. Louis van Niekerk
  4. James du Preez
  5. Jayden Louw

Midstream Ridge Primary B2 (B-Section)

  1. Franco Van der Walt
  2. Eluanco Grobler
  3. Ettienne Le Roux
  4. Reuben le Roux
  5. CG van Niekerk

Midstream Ridge Primary C1 (C-Section)

  1. Ruben Lombard
  2. Josh Raffanti
  3. Jaco van Niekerk
  4. Hercules Froneman
  5. Rocco de Villiers

Midstream Ridge Primary C2 (C-Section)

  1. Victor Meyer
  2. Victor Meyer
  3. Gert Oosthuizen
  4. Andrew Oosthuizen
  5. Lethabo Lamola

Midstream Ridge Primary D1 (D-Section)

  1. Joubert Nel
  2. Lihan Grobbelaar
  3. Joshua Dry
  4. Conrad Pretorius
  5. Noah Senatla

Midstream Ridge Primary D2 (D-Section)

  1. Kyle van Lelyveld
  2. Graham Axsel
  3. Ruach van der Merwe
  4. Juandre Lombard
  5. Malan Meiburg

Midstream Ridge Primary D3 (D-Section)

  1. Christiaan Joubert
  2. Matthew Basson
  3. Johann Grobbelaar
  4. Uthmaan Sahib
  5. Arhaan Mohabir

Tuks Invitational (C-Section)

  1. Nathan Storbeck
  2. Ewan Storbeck
  3. Ruben de Graaf
  4. Emile Erasmus
  5. Michael van Wyk