CJS Prestige Awards 2023

The CJS Prestige Awards 2023 was held on Saturday, 18 November 2023, at the beautiful Idlewild Country Estate in Gauteng, South Africa.

On Saturday, November 18, the crème de la crème gathered at the exquisite Idlewild Country Estate for a night of sheer prestige. With a remarkable turnout of 275 attendees, it was an event to remember!

For some, it also is the end of their chapter with CJS.  The matrics were also treated with a video on their journey with CJS and they received a gift from Head Coach Maryna Fourie.  We wish the matrics all the best for the next chapter in their lives.

Congratulations to each CJS player for their achievements for 2023!  We are proud of you!

SA Schools Top 10

Congratulations to the CJS Players who have been selected as the SA Schools Top 10 Players in South Africa.

To be eligible for the SA Schools Top 10, players must be in the top 4 positions on the provincial ladder, have played in the Bloemfontein Open Tournament, been invited to and played in the SA Schools Closed tournament, and have been selected for the provincial team and played in the Inter-provincial Tournament.

U14 Girls

  • Starla Phillips (2nd)
  • Anushka Janse van Rensburg (3rd)
  • Sarah de Villiers
  • Amelia Lubbe

U14 Boys

  • Logan Kidson

U16 Girls

  • Elzandri Janse van Rensburg (1st)
  • Chanté Leppan (3rd)

U16 Boys

  • Judah Phillips (1st)
  • Juan-Corné Brand (2nd)
  • CA Froneman (8th)

U19 Boys

  • Luhann Groenewald (1st)

CJS Top Achiever Awards

Best Performance of the Year:

  • Nominations: Juan-Corné Brand, Elzandri Janse van Rensburg, Judah Phillips
  • Winner: Judah Phillips

Most Dedicated Senior Player of the Year:

  • Nominations: Chanté Leppan, Elzandri Janse van Rensburg, Juan-Corné Brand
  • Winner: Juan-Corné Brand

Most Dedicated Junior Player of the Year:

  • Nominations: Déwan Borstlap, Johannes Badenhorst, Mangaliso Mbatha
  • Winner: Mangliso Mbatha

High School Awards

Most Promising Player Girl:

  • Nominations: Chanté Leppan, Elzandri Janse van Rensburg, Starla Phillips
  • Winner: Chanté Leppan

Most Promising Player Boy:

  • Nominations: CA Froneman, Juan-Corné Brand, Judah Phillips
  • Winner: Judah Phillips

Notable Improvement Boy:

  • Nominations: Frederik Botha, HJ Coetzer, Logan Kidson, Martin de Koning
  • Winner: Frederik Botha

Notable Improvement Girl:

  • Nominations: Jeanine du Rand, Sarah de Villiers, Starla Phillips, Teonie Badenhorst
  • Winner: Starla Phillips

Most Enthusiastic Player:

  • Nominations: Amelia Lubbe, Hayden Davy, Hugo Pelser, Mieke Kotze
  • Winner: Mieke Kotze

Good Sportsmanship:

  • Nominations: Hugo Pelser, Namratha Eswari Niranjan, Nathaniel van Deventer, Teonie Badenhorst
  • Winner: Hugo Pelser

Newcomer with Potential:

  • Nominations: Arnu van Reeuwyk, Klara Kotze, Zandro Pero
  • Winner: Klara Kotze

Grade 6-7 Awards

Best Improvement Girl:

  • Nominations: Gabrielle Groenewald, Lené Lombard, Tiana Nel
  • Winner: Lené Lombard

Best Improvement Boy:

  • Nominations: Evan Janse van Rensburg, Johannes Badenhorst, Jonathan van Deventer
  • Winner: Jonathan van Deventer

Notable Improvement Boy:

  • Nominations: Thomas Oliver, Tiaan Goosen, Xander Erlank
  • Winner: Xander Erlank

Notable Improvement Girl:

  • Nominations: Elmiah van der Merwe, Lené Lombard, Tiana Nel
  • Winner: Tiana Nel

Most Enthusiastic Player:

  • Nominations: Innes Meyer, Jason Naudé, Justin Naudé
  • Winner: Innes Meyer

Good Sportsmanship:

  • Nominations: Benjamin Oliver, Johannes Badenhorst, Thomas Oliver
  • Winner: Johannes Badenhorst

Best Schools League Captain:

  • Nomination: Daniël de Bruin
  • Winner: Daniël de Bruin

Newcomer with Potential:

  • Nominations: Franco van der Walt, Janik Steinman, Jannie Haak
  • Winner: Franco van der Walt

Grade 4-5 Awards

Best Improvement Girl:

  • Nominations: Chanel Leppan, Lize de Bruin, Mia Bakkes
  • Winner: Mia Bakkes

Best Improvement Boy:

  • Nominations: Jayden Louw, Jean Coetzee, Louis van Niekerk
  • Winner: Jéan Coetzee

Notable Improvement Boy:

  • Nominations: Etienne le Roux. George Olwagen, Victor Meyer
  • Winner: Etienne le Roux

Notable Improvement Girl:

  • Nominations: Alyssa Syce, Ilse Lubbe, Karli Lamprecht
  • Winner: Ilse Lubbe

Most Enthusiastic Player:

  • Nominations: Hercules Froneman, Jayden Louw, Lodewyk de Clercq
  • Winner: Jayden Louw

Good Sportsmanship:

  • Nominations: Chanel Leppan, Christiaan Rautenbach, Tyron Naidoo
  • Winner: Christiaan Rautenbach

Newcomer with Potential:

  • Nominations: Divan Velleman, Graham Axcel, Kyle van Lyleveld
  • Winner: Graham Axsel

Preschool – Grade 3 Awards

Best Improvement Girl:

  • Nominations: Chloe Dinkelman, Elke Erlank, Ilse de Clercq
  • Winner: Elke Erlank

Best Improvement Boy:

  • Nominations: Emile Meyer, Gert Oosthuizen, Jaco van Niekerk
  • Winner: Emile Meyer

Notable Improvement Boy:

  • Nominations: Joshua Dry, Martin Bakkes, Ruben de Koning
  • Winner: Ruben de Koning

Notable Improvement Girl:

  • Nominations: Chloe Dinkelman, Elke Erlank, Layla Khan
  • Winner: Chloë Dinkelman

Notable Improvement Marking:

  • Nominations: Gert Oosthuizen, Matthew Basson, Ruach van der Merwe
  • Winner: Gert Oosthuizen

Most Enthusiastic Player:

  • Nominations: Gabriel Faber, Thesner de Beer, Xander Smit
  • Winner: Xander Smit

Fitness Awards

High School Girl:

  • Nominations: Chanté Leppan, Namratha Eswari Niranjan, Teonie Badenhorst
  • Winner: Chanté Leppan

High School Boy:

  • Nominations: CA Froneman, Gerhard van der Westhuizen, Jonathan Oliver
  • Winner: Frederik Botha

Primary School Girl:

  • Nominations: Lize de Bruin, Lois Roberts, Mia Bakkes
  • Winner: Lize de Bruin

Primary School Boy:

  • Nominations: Benjamin Oliver, George Olwagen, Roland van der Westhuizen
  • Winner: Benjamin Oliver

Preschool-Grade 3:

  • Nominations: Andrew Oosthuizen, Gert Oosthuizen, Xander Smit
  • Winner: Andrew Oosthuizen

CJS Club Champs

  • High School Boy: Juan-Corné Brand
  • High School Girl: Elzandri Janse van Rensburg
  • Grade 6 to 7 Boy: Déwan Borstlap
  • Grade 6 to 7 Girl: Gabrielle Groenewald
  • Grade 4 to 5 Boy: Lodewyk de Clercq
  • Grade 4 to 5 Girl: Chanel Leppan
  • Preschool to Grade 3 Boy: Jaco van Niekerk
  • Preschool to Grade 3 Girl: Ilse de Clercq

WSF Junior World Squash Championship 2023

Congratulations to Jordin and Luhann for representing South Africa at the WSF Junior World Squash Championship 2023, which was held in August 2023 in Australia.

  • Jordin Phillips
  • Luhann Groenewald

Growthpoint SA National Squash Championship

Congratulations to these CJS players for their performance in the Growthpoint SA National Squash Championship.  There are 8 regional hubs playouts, and only the winners of these hubs are invited to play in the final rounds.  The final rounds were played on the glass squash court at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, over 4 days in August 2023.

U19 Boys

  • Luhann Groenewald (1st)
  • Frederik Botha (6th)

U19 Girls

  • Jordin Phillips (7th)

U17 Boys

  • Judah Phillips (1st)
  • Juan-Corné Brand (2nd)
  • CA Froneman (5th)

U17 Girls

  • Chanté Leppan (2nd)

U15 Girls

  • Elzandri Janse van Rensburg (2nd)
  • Starla Phillips (4th)
  • Anushka Janse van Rensburg (6th)