A Legacy of Passion and Dedication: Coach Maryna’s Farewell

Head coach and owner of CJS, Maryna Fourie, announced her stepping down from CJS at the CJS Prestige Awards on Saturday, 18 November 2023.

After two decades of being an active coach, Coach Maryna Fourie shared her decision to retire at the CJS Prestige Awards, and her reflections on this incredible journey are filled with overwhelming gratitude. For Maryna, coaching has been one of the greatest privileges of her life, standing alongside her roles as a wife and a mother.

When Maryna took on the mantle of coach, her vision went beyond creating a successful team; she aspired to build a family. A family that would support, learn, grow, and cherish the journey as much as the destination. Today, looking back, she can confidently say that this vision has been realized.

The victories on the court are not just about trophies; they’re about the relationships built, the characters developed, and the lessons learned. Each player, coach, and parent played a pivotal role in the collective success of Centurion Junior Squash, and Maryna is grateful for the dedication and hard work that defined their time together.

Dr. Strydom van Zwartkop always spoke of Maryna’s passion for squash. For her, it was never just work; it came naturally because she invested her heart and soul into it. Maryna acknowledges and expresses gratitude to her husband and children for the countless times they had to come second, understanding the demands of squash on her time.

Since a life-altering accident involving her children, Maryna’s perspective on life and family has undergone a profound transformation. She now recognizes that the time has come to choose to spend more time with her own family, celebrating life and the second chance they got together.

Saying farewell to something so monumental in her life is not easy. Maryna extends her heartfelt thanks to all the players for their unwavering respect and hard work. As she marks the 20-year milestone, she expresses how incredibly proud she is of each player, acknowledging that every milestone achieved this year was possible because of their collective effort.

Addressing the parents, Maryna expresses gratitude for their support, loyalty, and respect, making the late-night work sessions worthwhile.

To the coaches, she extends thanks for their tireless efforts, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

In the past two years, Maryna started the process of stepping back from the court, recognizing the need to take time for herself. However, she emphasizes that it’s not a total goodbye. She is thrilled to remain involved at another level, taking on the role of CJS Administrator, and promising to execute her duties to the best of her ability.

Maryna concludes by giving glory to God for 20 years of camaraderie, love, and an incredible journey. As the CJS community bids farewell to Coach Maryna, they do so with gratitude for the legacy of passion and dedication she leaves behind. The impact of her coaching will undoubtedly resonate for years to come.

Looking to the Future: Continuity and New Beginnings

As Coach Maryna steps down, questions naturally arise about what this decision means for the future of CJS. Will there be significant changes? Are players assured of coaching groups, and will coaching continue at schools?

Maryna assures us that, for now, everything will continue as usual until someone steps forward to take over the business. Until a coach, entrepreneur, or investor expresses interest in acquiring the reins, Maryna is committed to maintaining the status quo to the best of her ability.

She has full confidence in the current coaching team, and while new coaches may join in the future, together they will brainstorm and strategize how the workload will be distributed.

Maryna, however, will no longer take on coaching responsibilities, including tours and tournaments. Nonetheless, she remains the biggest fan and supporter, and you can expect to see her cheering passionately from the sidelines.

The journey doesn’t end here; it’s a moment of continuity and new beginnings. As the CJS community moves forward, Maryna’s legacy will undoubtedly guide the path, and the spirit of camaraderie and dedication will persist.

The court may see changes, but the passion and commitment to excellence will endure, ensuring that the future of CJS is bright and promising.