2024 NJSA Closed Ranking Tournament

Tournament Results

The 2024 NJSA Closed Ranking Tournament was held from 19 to 21 January 2024 at PCC and Harlequins Squash Club in Pretoria.  To view the complete tournament results on SportyHQ, click HERE.

Congratulations to the following CJS players on their performance:

U19 Girls

  • 1st Place: Elzandri Janse van Rensburg (Midstream College)
  • 2nd Place: Chanté Leppan (Hoërskool Zwartkop)
  • 5th Place: Elizané Barnard (Hoërskool Eldoraigne)

U16 Girls

  • 1st Place: Anushka Janse van Rensburg (Midstream College)
  • 2nd Place: Amelia Lubbe (Midstream College)
  • 3d Place: Kathleen de Kock (Midstream College)
  • 4th Place: Kaleigh Reddy (Midstream College)
  • 5th Place: Klara Kotze (Hoërskool Zwartkop)
  • 6th Place: Nickezel Grobler (Midstream College)
  • 7th Place: Rachel de Beer (Midstream College)

U13 Girls – A

  • 1st Place: Chanel Leppan (Laerskool Rooihuiskraal)
  • 5th Place: Lize de Bruin (Midstream College Primary)

U13 Girls – B

  • 1st Place: Ilze Lubbe (Southdowns College)

U11 Girls

  • 1st Place: Lois Roberts (Midstream Primary College)
  • 2nd Place: Alyssa Syce (Midstream Ridge Primary)
  • 3rd Place: Karli Lamprecht (Midstream Primary College)
  • 4th Place: Ilse de Clercq (Midstream Ridge Primary)

U19 Boys

  • 2nd Place: Frederik Botha (Hoërskool Zwartkop)
  • 3rd Place: CA Froneman (Midstream College)
  • 4th Place: HJ Coetzer (Hoërskool Zwartkop)
  • 10th Place: Reabetswe Banda (Midstream College)
  • 12th Place: Jordan Sathyanandam (Midstream College)

U16 Boys – A

  • 3d Place: Logan Kidson (Hoërskool Zwartkop)
  • 4th Place: Wian de Bruin (Midstream College)
  • 5th Place: Wynand van den Heever (Hoërskool Zwartkop)

U16 Boys – B

  • 2nd Place: Euan Groenewald (Midstream College)
  • 3rd Place: Hayden Davy (Midstream College)
  • 4th Place: Nathaniel van Deventer (Midstream College)
  • 7th Place: Edrique Laubscher (Midstream College)

U16 Boys – C

  • 2nd Place: Aiden van den Berg (Hoërskool Eldoraigne)
  • 4th Place: Rudolph Botha (Hoërskool Zwartkop)

U14 Boys

  • 1st Place: Mangaliso Mbatha (Midstream College)
  • 3rd Place: Evan Janse van Rensburg (Midstream College)
  • 4th Place: Jason Naudé (Hoërskool Zwartkop)
  • 5th Place: Innes Meyer (Midstream College)
  • 6th Place: Xander Erlank (Midstream College)
  • 7th Place: Justin Naudé (Hoërskool Zwartkop)
  • 8th Place: Michael Basson (Midstream College)
  • 9th Place: Magnus Erlank (Midstream College)

U13 Boys – A

  • 1st Place: Jonathan van Deventer (Midstream Ridge Primary)
  • 2nd Place: Roland van der Westhuizen (Midstream College Primary)
  • 3rd Place: Alexander Stark (Midstream College Primary)
  • 5th Place: Tyron Naidoo (Midstream College Primary)
  • 6th Place: Jéan Coetzee (Midstream College Primary)
  • 7th Place: Louis van Niekerk (Midstream Ridge Primary)

U13 Boys – B

  • 2nd Place: André Coetzee (Midstream College Primary)
  • 3rd Place: Etienne le Roux (Midstream Ridge Primary)
  • 6th Place: Keanu Haasbroek (Laerskool Hennopspark)
  • 8th Place: Oliver Carey (Cornwall Hill College)

U11 Boys

  • 1st Place: Daniël de Bruin (Midstream College Primary)
  • 2nd Place: George Olwagen (Midstream College Primary)
  • 3rd Place: Jaco van Niekerk (Midstream Ridge Primary)
  • 4th Place: Emile Meyer (Midstream Ridge Primary)
  • 5th Place: Andrew Oosthuizen (Midstream Ridge Primary)
  • 6th Place: Hercules Froneman (Midstream Ridge Primary)
  • 7th Place: Luan du Plessis (Midstream College Primary)
  • 8th Place: Conrad Pretorius (Midstream Ridge Primary)