Farewell to Coaches JP and Juano

Farewell to Coach JP Brits

It is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to Coach Jean Pierre Brits, a dedicated and committed member of our team for many years. His unwavering dedication and respect towards players, parents, and myself have left an indelible mark.
As we express our gratitude, let’s wish Jean Pierre and his lovely wife, Theanette Brits (a former CJS player), all the best in this new chapter. As Jean Pierre embarks on this journey, let’s remember that respect, hard work, and striving for better are the pillars he embodies.
“Farewells are not endings; they are beginnings of new adventures.”
Thank you, Jean Pierre, for your dedication. May your path ahead be as inspiring as the one you leave behind. We are looking forward to future collaborations, including tours, clinics, and tournaments with Jean Pierre at his new club in the Western Cape.

Farewell to Assistant Coach Juano Eksteen

We also extend our heartfelt best wishes to Assistant Coach Juano Eksteen as he embarks on his new career. Juano was on the brink of entering the workforce upon completing his studies, and although it happened sooner than expected, we wish him great success.

We anticipate the possibility of seeing Juano continue to contribute to our community, perhaps as a tournament organizer at CJS over the weekends.