About CJS

We offer group coaching for all levels and ages of players.

CJS started in 2003 with a vision to create a safe environment for new and up-and-coming squash players to flourish and thrive.  Over the years CJS has grown from strength to strength, starting with just a few players back in the day, to over 200 players today!

We are proud that we are the largest squash academy in the Centurion area, South Africa!

We want each and every player who comes into contact with CJS to feel our energy, passion and excitement for coaching squash.   Our coaching team are encouraged to engage with the players in a respectful, encouraging and participative way.

We believe that the overall environment should be fun and supportive.  Because every day is an opportunity to be better than before.

At CJS, we believe that each and every player has the potential to be great!  We design our training programme to not only teach players skills and techniques but also sportsmanship, courage, and mental strength.  Each player will be challenged to their own ability and willingness to learn, preparing them physically and mentally to play squash.

We believe that squash is fun and social, and our coaching approach reflects this.   Each lesson incorporates squash technique, hand-eye coordination, fitness, racket work, squash drills, game strategy, and gameplay, adjusted to the level of players.

CJS is not just about squash.  It is about giving each player the opportunity to develop skills for life!