CJS Registration Form 2024

Terms & Conditions

  • Balls will be provided.
  • Players must please arrive ON TIME for their session as late comers cause unnecessary disruptions. If a player is going to be late, please SMS / Whats App the coach before the start of the session.
  • Communication with coaches should preferably be via email or SMS / Whatsapp. Receiving phone calls during the sessions causes unnecessary disruptions and coaches will not answer phone calls.
  • Foul language, abusive or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Parents are NOT encouraged to stay during the session as it is distractive to players and coaches. Parents are welcome to wait outside.
  • If a player is absent for three consecutive weeks without a legitimate excuse, e.g. illness or other school sports, he/she will automatically be removed from the squad, will still be liable for the term’s coaching fees and will be replaced by another on the waiting list.
  • No parent, friend, au pair, servant or family member is allowed to wait in front of the squash court’s doors as this prevents the training groups from entering and exiting the squash courts.
  • Players must please bring a bottle of water to the sessions.
  • Cell phones must be switched off or on silent during coaching sessions.
  • Although we endeavor to keep personal belongings safe, Coaches, CJS and Squash Clubs will not take responsibility for loss of any personal belongings during training sessions at the courts.
    • No smoking allowed by any player, parent or coach in or outside the club during coaching sessions.
    • Coaches do have the right to suspend a player who is disruptive or does not want to participate in the coaching sessions.
    • All tournament dates will be distributed to the players before 1 February 2024 and it will be available in our document section on the website as well. It is, however, the player’s own responsibility to plan his/her year and enter such tournaments well in advance.
    • We expect at least a term’s commitment from each player and if a player should decide to quit before the end of a term no refunds will be made.
    • One full paid months notice must be given if a player wants to quit in a calendar year.
    • If a power failure should occur, the coaching sessions will still continue except for the 06h00 sessions in the winter months.
Certain squash sessions will be held at Uitsig Squash Courts in Panorama rd Rooihuiskraal. Route map and GPS Coordinates to Uitsig courts available on our website – www.cjsquash.co.za.
Other venues for coaching and tournaments are : Midstream Primary College Squash Courts,  Midstream Ridge Sport Centre Squash Courts, Kentron Squash Club, Centurion Squash Club, Irene Country Club Squash Courts, Pierre van Ryneveld and Harlequins.

The coaches and management of Centurion Junior Squash and Squash clubs cannot be held liable for any loss or injury that occurs during any sessions/tournament that form part of the Centurion Junior Squash Programme. Players participate at their own risk.

Only sports clothes will be allowed. CJS t-shirts  are available to order on the website. Tekkies with non-marking gum soles and Protective eye wear are compulsory

No player will be allowed on court without appropriate clothing and the necessary equipment. New players may borrow racquets from coaches, there is no need to buy for practicing purposes but own protective eye wear compulsory within month from starting