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From Junior to Advanced, Dunlop squash rackets empower you to hit the ball the way you want.  We have a range of squash rackets to suit your age and game!


DUNLOP PLAY: Let kids feel the joy of squash with this fun, mini racket. Ideal for children from 7-10 years old.


DUNLOP BLAZE INFERNO: Get your first taste of increased power with this entry-level, premium alloy racket.  Ideal for a beginner player.


BLACKSTORM GRAPHITE: The construction filters out vibrations to give you a more comfortable blend of power and control.

BLACKSTORM TITANIUM: Play more powerful shots thanks to its 14×18 Powermax string pattern.

SONIC CORE REVELATION 125: Packs more punch into your game with an extra-light head, providing power and maneuverability.

SONIC CORE PRO LITE: Hit real impact shots with this lighter head balance, making it maneuverable and quick around the court.