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We have a range of squash rackets to suit your age and game!


Junior rackets are smaller in size (60 cm) making it easier for very young players to hit the ball.

  • DUNLOP PLAY: Let kids feel the joy of squash with this fun, mini racket. Ideal for children from 7-10 years old.
  • KARAKAL CSX 60: Perfect for younger participants, the Karakal CSX is a junior-length squash racket.
  • OLIVER JUNIOR: a great entry-level racket recommended for players 6-10 years of age.  Slightly longer than the other Junior rackets, making it a great racket before transitioning to a standard-size racket.


  • DUNLOP BLAZE INFERNO: Get your first taste of increased power with this entry-level, premium alloy racket.  Ideal for a beginner player.
  • DUNLOP SONIC LITE TI: This beginner racket is ideal for you if you’re a recreational player. Start playing, and start loving the game.
  • WILSON ULTRA 300:  This racket maximizes the sweet spot with a unique throat geometry for a nice boost of power and forgiveness. Ideal for casual players or anyone new to the sport.
  • WILSON BLADE TEAM: This racket is best suited to those who are new to the game and offers great levels of power and control thanks to its mid-plus head.


  • DUNLOP BLACKSTORM GRAPHITE & TITANIUM: Experience power like never before. This open-throat design provides out-and-out power thanks to the 14×18 Powermax string pattern.
  • WILSON HYPER HAMMER: This racket has a very light frame with most of the weight located at the top of the racket, making it just like a hammer, allowing the player to create a lot of explosive power.  Despite the low weight, the racket is extremely strong as it is made from Hyper carbon (lighter than titanium and stronger than graphite).
  • KARAKAL BLACKZONE (Orange 110g / Yellow 120g / Green 130g): If you are looking for an ultra-light and high-performance squash racket, you will be seduced by the Karakal Black Zone Squash rackets.


  • DUNLOP SONIC RANGE: A legendary Dunlop control frame brought up to date with added Sonic Core and Flex Touch Resin technologies.
  • WILSON PRO STAFF UL: Sporting a minimalistic design paired with a lightweight construction that optimizes feel and maneuverability for every shot. Added precision from a new string pattern completes a dynamic racket.
  • WILSON ULTRA UL / CV: Ultra-lightweight and ultra-maneuverable, the Ultra is perfect for squash players seeking an arm-friendly racket capable of generating massive power. Boasting a significant head-heavy balance.
  • WILSON TRIAD: reduced vibrations and ultimate comfort.  Power Hole Grommet Technology allows for longer dwell time on the string bed and provides a significantly larger sweet spot, chipping in added control and forgiveness as a result. Crafted for easy power and top-notch comfort.