CJS Club Champs Closed Tournament 2023

Tournament Entry

Key details

  • Tournament Date: 13 – 15 October 2023
  • Closing Date for Entries: Monday, 9 October 2023, 12h00
  • Tournament Fee: R300 (1 player), R580 (2 players in a family), R840 (3 players in a family)
  • Venues: Midstream Ridge Squash Courts, Irene Country Club Squash Courts, and if necessary, Uitsig Squash Club and Pierre van Ryneveld Squash Courts.


The CJS Club Champs Closed Tournament is open for CJS players only, and the aim is to determine the CJS Club Champion for the following age groups:

  • Grade 4-5 Club Champ (Boy and Girl)
  • Grade 6-7 Club Champ (Boy and Girl)
  • High School Club Champ (Boy and Girl)

This is our last tournament for the year and we would like to encourage all CJS players who played in tournaments or in Social Saturdays in 2023 to enter and play in this tournament.  Coaches will not assist on the court so players must have the confidence to serve, play rallies, and mark.

Enter here

To enter, please click on the link below based on the number of players that you would like to enter.  The process contains 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Pay for the entry via a secure payment gateway, Payfast (Cheque, credit or debit card, Instant EFT en Capitec Pay).
  • Step 2: After your payment has been successfully processed, you will be redirected to a Google form to complete the player’s entry details.

Conditions for Entry

  1. Match Schedule: Players must be available to play at any time over the duration of the weekend.  Unfortunately, no special requests can be accommodated. Once finalized, match times cannot be changed. We respect our opponents and no exceptions will be allowed. Reschedules will not be allowed.  Depending on the number of entries the tournament will start on Friday at 17h15 and on Saturday at 12h00.
  2. Format: Players will play a round-robin/swiss pairing format in AGE GROUPS depending on the number of entries.  We may combine age groups if there are not enough players in a particular group.
  3. Timing:  Players must be at the venue at least 15 minutes before the scheduled playing time, and be warmed up and ready to play at the scheduled time. Arriving later than 10 minutes after the scheduled time will result in the player forfeiting the match.
  4. Marking and Refereeing:  Both players must MARK and REFEREE matches (winner referees; loser marks) following their match.  This is compulsory.
  5. Rules: Players are to abide by the rules of Squash SA, Centurion Junior Squash, Irene, and Uitsig Squash Club. All cell phones are banned while marking. The referee may use his/her cell phone for timekeeping purposes only. In all circumstances, the Tournament Referee’s decision is final.
  6. Schedule Availability: Draws and times will be available to players by Thursday, 12 October 2023. (i.e. provided you have supplied us with an accurate email address) alternatively, contact the tournament coordinator.
  7. Communication on WhatsApp: We will also use WhatsApp groups to confirm draws and changes. Make sure to add the correct cell number.
  8. Scoring: Scoring will be best of 5 games ”point-a-rally” up to 15 points (for primary school players) and 11 points (for high school players).
  9. Ball: The Dunlop Pro XX will be the official match squash ball for primary school players.  The Dunlop HA Ball (green dot) will be used for the high school players. Groups consisting of different age groups will play with the Dunlop Pro XX.
  10. Protective Eye Wear: Use of WSF-approved protective eyewear in every match is compulsory – including during warm-up or social games (NO exceptions can be made).
  11. Clothing: Players must wear clothing suitable for squash as per SA Schools’ Squash, Squash SA and WSF regulations.   Only squash shoes or non-marking shoes will be allowed.
  12. Spectators: Spectators will be allowed according to the capacity of a specific venue.
  13. Spectators’ Behaviour: Parents’ interference will not be allowed in marking and refereeing. Court officials will be available to assist where needed.  No intimidation of players, markers, or referees during and after play will be tolerated.
  14. Withdrawal during the Tournament: If a player is unable to complete the tournament due to any reason, the player will unfortunately not be eligible for the relevant Club Champ trophy anymore, regardless of other tournament results. If a player withdraws from any match for any reason, the player will forfeit the remainder of the matches and will not be able to complete the tournament.
  15. Photography and Publishing of Results: The CJS Club Champs Tournament will be publishing draws, results, and photos of players. Photos taken by officials may be posted on our online social pages.  As this is a part of the CJS Club Champs tournament rules, the organizers will deem that players and their parents have accepted these regulations by entering the tournament.