Important Parent Information

Dear Squash Parent

Our aim at CJS is to create a positive and professional environment for young players.  Today, I’d like to address a matter that, although seemingly small, holds significant importance to all of us.

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for your involvement with Centurion Junior Squash.  Your commitment to your child’s growth in the sport and your involvement in our community are valued and deeply appreciated. We’re all part of this journey together, and your engagement plays a crucial role.

In the whirlwind of life, it’s not uncommon for schedules to become overwhelming, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. It’s easy to assume that missing a coaching session might not make a big difference. However, I want to illuminate why timely communication about your child’s attendance or absence is fundamental to the harmony and success of our program.

Planning for a week’s coaching session

Did you know that CJS are coaching at seven different venues, across Centurion, including Uitsig Squash Club, Midstream Ridge courts, Midstream College, Irene Country Club, Centurion Squash Club, Pierre van Ryneveld squash courts, and Harlequins Squash club.   We are coaching at multiple venues on most days and more than 21 coaches involved during one week of coaching.

Our aim is to provide the best coaching experience for your child.  We also want to give your child the benefit of receiving coaching from different coaches, which requires detailed planning as we match the coaches to each lesson and level of players across these multiple venues on a daily basis.  This is so that your child can benefit from the knowledge and experience that these coaches have.

Preparation for each lesson

Our coaches put in a tremendous amount of effort to prepare and be present for every session. They invest their time and energy to ensure that your child receives the best coaching experience.

Did you know that each lesson is worked and planned according to the number of players that will be attending?  This includes warm-up activities, games, drills, technique development, and team or partner activities.  And while we do have a theme that we focus on each week, each lesson is customised for the level of the players at each coaching session.

When you notify us in advance that your child won’t attend, you’re not only showing respect for the coaches’ commitment but also enabling us to optimize the coaching sessions for everyone’s benefit, or even change the lesson plan and activities based on the smaller number of players that will be attending.

Why Your Timely Communication Matters

We’re fully aware that life is unpredictable, and unexpected circumstances can lead to missed sessions. Illness, family emergencies, and other commitments are part of our lives. Our request is a simple one: kindly inform us as soon as possible if your child won’t be able to attend a session. If possible before 10 or 11 am on the day of coaching

Allow me to explain a little more:

  • Optimized Lesson Planning: Knowing in advance if your child can’t make it allows us to adjust our coaching plans, including the activities and equipment needed for that lesson. A lesson for 10 players is very different compared to a lesson plan for 4 players.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Your prompt updates help us manage our coaches’ allocation efficiently across the many venues that we coach at daily. Whether it’s reallocating coaching time or adjusting court assignments, your communication helps us make the most of our coaching team. For example, it has happened that a coach has suddenly fallen ill or had an emergency (yes, it happens to us as well). If we know that a coaching session will only require one coach (instead of two), I can reallocate that coach to a different venue.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Timely notifications help us avoid unnecessary expenses, such as lighting and court fees. We book courts in advance, and if we know that only 4 players are attending instead of 8, we can cancel the other court (if we do this timely).  With the funds saved (from not paying for court fees and lights), we can use the funds to purchase new and fun equipment or pay for other activities (such as a mental fitness coach).  This is all to the benefit of your child’s coaching experience and squash growth.
  • Enabling Growth: Your proactive communication opens up opportunities for coaches to engage with other players, enabling a coaching experience that benefits both players and coaches.
  • Relationship with venues: To build a relationship with people at venues that we use for junior coaching takes years to establish. Let’s respect and treasure this in order to have the facilities for your child’s benefit. If we cancel courts well ahead of time it gives club members the opportunity to book courts that we do not use.

Lastly, timely communication shows RESPECT and COURTESY, particularly towards our hardworking coaches who juggle multiple responsibilities. These coaches invest their time not only in shaping our young players’ skills but also in managing their own professional commitments. Your considerate act of notifying us about your child’s attendance or absence allows our coaches to plan their schedules effectively, demonstrating a profound respect for their dedication to your child’s development.

It’s so easy to inform us if your child cannot attend

We’ve got a super easy way for you to give us a heads-up. We usually drop a friendly reminder by means of a poll on WhatsApp. Just vote by clicking the yes or no option.

  • For early morning sessions, please let us know by 8pm (20h00) the night before the morning class.
  • For afternoon sessions, please let us know by 11am (11h00) for the afternoon sessions.

This quick ping really helps us plan things out smoothly and make sure everyone’s on track. Your thoughtful communication seriously goes a long way in keeping our sessions awesome and enjoyable for everyone.

Anticipated Outcomes: Our Path Forward Together

As we’ve consistently discussed and emphasized this topic, we unfortunately need to take a proactive approach to ensure our continued success at Centurion Junior Squash.

Please understand that the measures outlined below are not our preferred path. Our players and the unity within our groups are at the forefront of our priorities.

However, the current circumstances compel us to consider these steps due to the mutual respect we hold for our coaches’ dedication, the schools’ financial commitment, and other players’ commitments:

  • In cases where your child is unable to attend a school-funded session and he/she did not inform us in advance, we’ll take the step of notifying the school. The school may present an invoice for you to cover the session’s cost. This approach stems from our shared commitment to accountability and maintaining the quality of our program. The school may also consider offering coaching opportunities to other players who are committed and who will benefit from the school’s squash investment.
  • For players participating in invitation groups, our intention is to create an environment where growth is nurtured. With this in mind, we’ve designed a process that involves transparent communication. After two unexcused absences, a formal reminder will be issued. It’s important for us to remember that growth occurs when they are fully engaged. After a third instance of unexcused absence, we may find it necessary to open the opportunity for another player who shares the same commitment to step in.

In summary

Our shared commitment to Centurion Junior Squash means that we’re all integral to its success. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter will contribute to a more cohesive and effective learning environment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. We’re here to support you and your child’s squash journey. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your feedback is not only valued but essential in our ongoing efforts to improve.

Thank you,

Maryna Fourie

15 September 2023